Impact of Consumer Electronics on Technology

There is no doubt that in the current generation, no one can work or survive comfortably without the consumer electronics especially in busy urban structures. This is because the device has become part of the human race. Indeed, Technology plays a big role in the development of the life on an individual and various industries in the market. From the banking sector to agriculture to education. However, even with the light that the technologies in the consumer electronics have bought, there are some negative impacts that come with it which when not balanced.

In the sector of business, electronic consumers have increased the completion in the business. Mobile phones can now be used to purchase other items in the market online. The productions of products have been improved as the process is now faster and accurate. Talk about online business, as the level of unemployment increases in most states, consumer electronics have also made it possible for the unemployed to work from home. The communication between the clients and the manufacturer has been improved through the consumer electronics, the devices are a major channel of communication in virtually every sector. The application installed in the phones has contributed greatly to the trading sector. Improvement of human resource management is also another contribution that has been witnessed in the consumer markets. Through the applications such as the auto forward spy and lookup public records, employers and managers are able to monitor the activities going on in their organizations even when they are in the business premises. With the current trends in the consumer electronics industry, the business sector is yet to experience more changes and growth.Negatively, with the increase of the developments in consumer products, more business crimes are coming up.

In education, the consumer electronics have made learning more simple and easy. Through the use of laptops and desktops. Distance learning and updates on classes and lessons have been made easier. Talk about distance learning, soft copy notes rather than the hard copies, global education has definitely eliminated the geographical education limits. The students can also connect with their teachers through these devices; more diagrammatic illustrations can also be used during learning as a result of the consumer electronics.

In the society which is the base of any nation made of individuals ,the consumer electrons has made great advances and impacts on individuals. Talk about improved human relations and connection. Individuals can easily connect to current and lost friends and family members through these devices. Improve transportation with the introduction of automatic and self driven cars that allows the driver to sit back and enjoy the ride. The robots that can work around the house and help in simple task like answering doors. Talk about the refrigerators that has installed cameras that can captures whatever you are lacking in the fridges and send to you in your Smartphone in case you are not sure of what you are lacking in the house.Definitely there is no doubt that the consumer electronics has and is yet do more in our sociallives. Even without a say, there is nothing that comes without a negative impact. As much as the consumer electronics are bringing individual together and making the world a small village, the real life experience has lost the real meaning as people meet through phone but no actual meetings.

It is therefore in order to applaud the consumer electronics for the improvements of the human life and everything that surrounds them. Above all as the electronics are performing miracles in our lives, it is appropriate that there is balance and analysis of the products before usage so that we do not be slaves of the electronic devices.

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