Let’s Cook- the Smart Way

The kitchen is one area that technology and smart devices are slowly but surely making their presence be seen, felt and of course tasted. There are so many appliances and applications out to make the kitchen not just a room but a place where even the amateur cooks with an idea of how smart machines can be interconnected and made to work create amazing dishes in a smart and efficient way. There are so many devices in the market that can enable us do this.

To make good food one needs to have some idea of measurement. The ingredients and components have to be weighed as stipulated in the specific recipes. Sometimes it is tricky coming up with precise measurements for making some food for example cakes and baked foods. But there is no need to worry any more.PBP016 Wireless Bake Pro is a smart kitchen scale that can easily help one measure the ingredients accurately. One connects it to an Android device with recipes via Bluetooth.To measure, one just needs to select the food to be baked and place a bowl on the scale. The ingredients to be weighed are then poured into the bowl and the pro scale tells you when the ingredient is enough according to the recipe. No wastage or second guesses. The ingredients will then be ready for mixing and subsequent baking. With the ingredients, the application on the connected gadget willgive you options of the type of foods you can bake using different quantities of the said ingredients at hand. This is more than a scale.

Cucina Barilla is a smart oven that can work well with the smart weighing scale. A product of Whirlpool, it has predetermined recipes for baking cakes and all, preparing pasta, macaroni and a number of vegetables. It mixes the dough and makes it ready for baking. For ingredients with cooking instructions attached, one only has to get the label with instructions to the scanner on the machine and it sets to work- picking the best recipe from the preset recipes it has and sets itself ready. It works independently but gives good results. This is what smart baking means.

Crock-Pot Smart Slow cooker is a good cooker for one who may be constantly on the move. Working with WeMo application for smart kitchens, one can operate it from anywhere. With a smart phone and the WeMo application all one needs is to send a command when the ingredients are already in the cooker. Using your smart phone, you can check and control the time the food is to be ready, the temperature you wish the food cooked and even switch it off if you feel that the food is ready or you want it so. A digital assistant can very easily control it as one just needs a voice to prompt the assistant and the cooker roars to life. It is convenience from wherever one is. It also has preset recipes and you can even send them through the smart phone being used as the remote control.

Anova Precision Cooker is another device that can make cooking a delight. Connected to a Wi-Fi network and smart device, the cooker has preset recipes which are constantly updated by the manufacturers. Once you place the ingredients in the cooker, it surfs the web and comes up with the best recipe for your food according to the ingredients at hand. With a simple instruction from the smart phone or device the cooking starts. It sends updates constantly on the progress of the meal and stops once it is ready.

All these smart kitchen appliances make cooking a walk in the park and fun to even one with no idea on how to cook certain foods. This is what technology can do for you.

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