Some Questions on Phone Security Answered

Can I recover my lost phone?

Lost phones can be very easily recovered. Every phone has a unique 15 digit identification number assigned to it. This is the International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is usually written on the back of the phone just under the battery though sometimes on a sticker and pasted on the pack one buys the gadget in. Also, one can get it by dialing *#06#. Once you get this number, submit them to the authorities and they can very easily track it using GPS technology. The co-ordinates of the place where the phone is are determined by the service providers with great accuracy. The phone can then be traced and recovered. It is wise to notice that it is quite dangerous for one to try tracking the phone by him/herself so, it is better left to the professionals and authorities.

How safe is the data in my phone?

Your data is quite safe though not 100%. A phone can be stolen and the data accessed. Also, a hacker can send a malicious text or software which can cause damage to the device software leading to loss of data. Again, a malicious person can follow your online activities and using other software access your security codes and data. A number of safety precautions are advised and encouraged. Invest in an Anti-Virus. A good number of these Anti-Virus are freely available online and offer good protection service. Counter check the online sites you are to carry out your transactions on to avoid fake and dangerous ones. You should have other storage options so that you do not entirely depend on the phone. This way, you can take the option of deleting the data in the phone should you lose it as you will still access the information. Do not share the passwords to your phone with others. Should you lose you gadget, notify the authorities as soon as possible for it to be tracked.

Can my phone ‘crash’?

‘Crashing’ is when a phone or electronic device is harmed or made not to perform optimally. This is usually a result of malicious software, commonly referred to as a virus, sent to compromise its functionality. Any phone, whatever the operating system is susceptible to such an attack. And just as in the data protection, an Anti-Virus will be of great service. Also be sure of the downloads you are getting as some may compromise your phone security and functionality. If not dealt with, virus can render a phone useless.

Will keeping my Bluetooth on throughout compromise my phone security?

Yes and no. The Bluetooth application is meant to help you share information and data easily from connected devices. The data and all will only be exchanged with paired devices. If it happens that the Bluetooth is always on and one of the gadgets you are paired with is used to send a malicious file or data, your device will be affected. However, even if it is on and the other devices are not connected, they will not exchange anything between them. Even so, it is always wise to switch it off when not in use. This will act as a measure of precaution. It is said that prevention is better than cure.

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