To Monitor or Not to Monitor? Why Parents Must Follow The Voice Of Reason

The question on whether to monitor or not has remained a hot button issue for many years. Some countries have even passed laws prohibiting monitoring kids. With the technology advancing so fast, dangers are equally increasing and await your lovely children everywhere.

The little girl is at the peril of being dragged to child pornography or being cyber bullied while your charming boy could easily join criminal gangs. With these dangers and many others, you cannot simply relax and wish that kids will grow well. If you take the right action to monitor the kids using a spyapp, they will be very happy in future

The dangers are too many, and you must protect the kid

While technology has very many advantages, it opens a full array of risks to children. Criminals know they are vulnerable and go to great extents to harm them. Some of these dangers include;

  • Identity theft: Your child is an easy target as cyber criminals send malicious apps to the phone to steal kids’ identity.
  • Cyberbullying: Bullies are always working new ways of threatening children especially online. This can bring huge psychological implications.
  • Recruitment to pornography: Without knowing, your kids can easily be lured to pornography by people they think are friends, yet they are sex predators.
  • Lure into drugs and crime: Often, criminals pose as friends and then drift conversations towards drugs and crime in a manner that your boy cannot tell.
  • Exposure to adult content: Adult content is perhaps one of the most dangerous risks for your children because they can start engaging in sexually related activities too early.
  • Addiction to phone games: This risk can rob your children valuable time to read, play, and even eat.

As a parent, these are too big risks and you cannot sit back and watch the child getting consumed. The best idea is looking for a good spyapp to monitor the kid, identify the threat, and eliminate it.

Kids cannot make rational decisions

Though opponents of phone monitoring argue that kids should be left alone to make their own decisions, the argument is without merit. When a kid sees a friend request on Facebook or other social media channel, the decision to add and become close buddies is never properly founded. They easily follow such friends thinking that they mean good for them. However, the end results can be disastrous because they are lured to drugs, crime, or other dangerous activities.

Using the right spy apps for android, you can always know what the kid is up to and help to prevent a fall. For example, by checking the profiles of a child’s friends, a parent can tell those with wanting background and help the child to stay away.

The risk of inaction will always come back to you

Though opponents of spy apps are fast to emphasize on children rights, none of them talks about what is supposed to happen if the kid gets lured to drugs or other crime. As a parent, you should appreciate that if you fail to monitor and guide the child, he/she is headed to self-destruction. For example, if the kid gets into drugs because you failed to monitor, psychological problems and risk of incarceration will be very high.

As a parent, everything will come back to you because you have to meet the medical costs or other related expenses. Do not fear or feel bad about taking that extra step that will anchor your ability to mold the great children God has given you. Identify the right iPhone spy software and take enough time to talk to the kids about the dangers that loom everywhere.

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