Noteworthy Happenings at the Oscars

One of the best parts about seeing the movies that come out every year is waiting to see who win an Oscar. The Academy Awards are one of the best entertainment shows in the business. This year’s Oscars was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, and had more than a few exciting things for the viewers that were taking in all of the awards.

Although this year didn’t contain an Oscar win for Leonardo DiCaprio, there were still a number of great happenings that occurred at this year’s edition of the Academy Awards. La LaLand  came away with more than one award, as expected, and there were more than a couple of other interesting things that took place as well.

The 2017 Academy Awards

A Tour Group Stopped By

One of the most interesting things about the Oscars this year. A tour guide that was in the area was welcomed in, and received a literal front-row tour of the Academy Awards, as Jimmy Kimmel welcomed them up to the very front and introduced them to many of the actors and actresses in the front row. Many of them had their cell phones out and were, of course, taking selfies of themselves at the event. After all, how many of us get the chance to visit the Oscars as they’re happening live?

The La La Land Sweep

As Damien Chazelle was called up after winning the Oscar for Best Director for his role in making La La Land, he became the youngest person to ever win the award for Best Director at the Academy Awards. The movie he directed won more than that at this year’s Oscars, including Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Song, and Best Original Score. It got to the point that some were probably ready for the other movies to start winning some awards of their own.

Casey Affleck Wins Best Actor

Casey’s second nomination but first win of an Oscar, came at an upset over Ryan Gosling in La La Land. However, seeing him with this award and give honor to Denzel Washington and others was a particularly special moment. As for me, it was refreshing to see a film besides La La Land win an award. The same didn’t hold true for Best Female Actress.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone, on the other hand, did win Best Actress for her work in La La Land, giving the film its 6th Oscar of the night. The film did very well at this year’s Academy Awards.

The Mix-Up Finale for Best Picture

The last award at The Academy Awards ended with a terrible mix-up. If you missed it, the film ended with Faye Dunaway mistakenly reading “La La Land,” and have the entire crew of the film come up to accept the award. Unfortunately, the real winner of the award was Moonlight, and the mistake was corrected soon after. There were a lot of people who were hoping that Moonlight would win Best Picture, since the Oscars have been criticized lately for not giving out enough awards to minorities. Thankfully, Moonlight, which starred mostly black actors, won the award for Best Picture.

This year’s Academy Awards consisted of more than a few surprises. From the tour group that came down to the front row, to the mix-up about the winner for Best Picture, to the 6 awards that La La Land, did win, there was more than enough entertainment taking place at this year’s edition of The Oscars. That’s what makes it the best awards show of the year! Even with the occasional mix-up, there’s still nothing like The Academy Awards.

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