How to Properly Maintain HP Laptops

Proper maintenance of HP lap tops requires careful focus on various parts.

The battery:

Proper care for the lap top battery is one of the key measures ensures that lap tops are in good conditions for a longer period of time. Essentially, laptop batteries deteriorate with time, just like other lithium ion batteries. Therefore, it is important to minimize wastage when using the laptop batteries. In other words, the battery should not be left on while the lap top is not in use.

Normally, laptop batteries usually begin to demonstrate signs of depreciation after going through a fixed period or number of charging cycles. Consequently, minimizing the use of the battery and optimizing on the batteries’ power after charging enables batteries to stay for a longer period of time before it deteriorates.

It is advisable to keep the battery when it is about 70% full. This is because keeping the battery fully charged at 100% or at the lowest power content of 0% makes the electrodes in the battery to deteriorate at a faster rate.

It is important to minimize playing games with the lap top’s battery. This is because lap top batteries draw a lot of power. As such, playing games with the battery is likely to damage the battery, especially if it is connected to a very powerful system.

It is important to keep the lap top and the battery system from dust. The presence of dust in a lap top usually interferes with the processor and GPU. Unfortunately, when the GPU or the vent is filled with dust, the overall performance of the lap top is affected because it makes the lap system to suffer from overheating. In this regard, it is important to clean the lap top regularly by blowing off any dust that may interfere with the lap top.

Hard disk. It is also important to handle the hard disk of a lap top computer with care. This is because the hard disk contains delicate platters in their internal system. Consequently, moving the lap top while it is in operation may damage the hard disk of the lap top. HP lap tops have a special 3D drive guard software that parks that R/W head in the HDD when the computer system detects excess jolting. But still, exposing the laptop to excess shuddering affects the overall performance and life cycle of the lap top in the long run.

Therefore, it is important to handle your laptop with care.

Key boards.It is also advisable to keep the key boards in good condition away from dust. Key boards are prone to attracting dust because they are the part of the laptop that is used most frequently. Unfortunately, the lap top keys may jam and become less efficient if they are not kept clean and away from dust. Whereas it is possible to replace the key boards, it is cheaper and more prudent to minimize such unnecessary extra costs by keeping the key boards well.

The screen.The screen is the most sensitive and fragile part of the laptop. HP laptops usually have a high quality screen that has sufficient protection. However, failure to handle the screen with the required care may affect the overall quality of the laptop and also affect its performance. Without adequate care, the lap top screen may begin to form vertical and horizontal lines which may increase in number with time. In this regard, it is important to avoid exerting excess pressure on the screen by pressing it in an acceptable manner.

Optimization of PC.Finally, it is important to optimize the use of the lap top’s PC. For example, it is advisable to group and store all the files in C Drive while keeping all games and media files in a different drive.

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