Tips on Selecting the Best Smartphone with the Right Camera

While many like to use cameras to take pictures, more find it convenient to take pictures with their smartphone.  As an innovative way to shoot, snap, and send pictures with a few taps, it is easy to see why people are selective as to which device they use to capture the moment. Choosing a quality smartphone with an exceptional camera is a challenge.  There are so many aspects of the camera to consider such as megapixels, the type of lens, and features available once the pictures are snapped.  In some cases, this information still doesn’t give the whole story about how well a smartphone takes pictures.

At a retail location you could ask the salesperson about which phone is best, but they may not know if they haven’t used the phone itself for pictures.  Besides, they could tell you anything so that they can make a sale.  A practical approach to choosing the best smartphone with a good camera is to find pictures taken with the device, along with first-person accounts or reviews about the phone. You may find videos online of people using the device for more insight. Here are tips to follow to help determine if a smartphone has a camera you will find useful.

Choose a Quality Brand

Smartphones are available in different sizes by different brands.  Narrow down options based on budget and phone features.  Newer models are likely to have better camera features than earlier models; meaning, you could be looking to spend a little more for a quality smartphone with the best camera.

Check Smartphone Camera Reviews

After narrowing your options now is the time to research further.  Find smartphone reviews for the phone model you’re considering.  What are people saying about the camera phone feature? How are pictures showing up on the device?  Are they washed out, focused, blurry, or over-exposed? Are pictures accurate and clear?  What about lighting and outdoor conditions; how does the phone’s camera perform?

Find Pictures Taken with the Camera Phone

Keep in mind such sample pictures can vary because of the uploading process. Some users may change the color quality slightly depending on how the photo is uploaded.  Other than that, take a look at the pictures and examine the quality of the content.   You can find photos on many review sites.  Compare them to get an idea of how well the camera performs in different settings.

Find How-To Videos Using the Phone

You can get a variety of videos online showing how to use a smartphone.  There are different videos for specific name brand phones offering extensive details on how to use the product, including how to take pictures.  You may also learn about video quality of the smartphone.  If video recording is of interest take notes. Either way, look to see what looks good, distorted, choppy, unclear, or any sign that lets you know the product can produce good pictures and video. You should learn if the phone is easy to use when considering other features related to the camera such as photo sharing or the use of a third-party app that lets you edit photos.

Learn about Tips and Tricks for the Camera Phone

Does the smartphone you are interested in purchasing have tips or tricks by users to produce better pictures?  Go online and do a search and see what comes up. You can learn a variety of tips from how to make the lighting better to taking better pictures depending on angle or use of accessories.

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